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Yarrow Leaf & Flower (Organic)


Yarrow Leaf & Flower (Organic)

Achillea millefolium

Traditions of the medicinal use of yarrow extend to many parts of the world and as far back as the ancient Greeks. Its many properties led to a variety of uses, such as for its antiseptic value in wound healing, where it also helped to stop bleeding. Antiseptic value combined with its success in fighting fevers accompanying infections was also valued. Further, this combined with a diuretic action was used for urinary tract infections or for symptoms of cold/flu.

Yarrow's astringent and anti-inflammatory are used in cases of diarrhea and hemorrhoids. It is also used to lower blood pressure and facilitate increased circulation.

Yarrow also had an appeal as a food, in that it had a bitter flavor, similar to other bitter greens. It was found to stimulate the appetite and enhance digestion when freshly picked and consumed.


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