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Pinella Rhizome, prepared - Fa Ban Xia


Pinellia Rhizome, prepared - Fa Ban Xia

Pinellia ternata

Prepared Pinellia rhizome has been soaked and rinsed, then mixed evenly and soaked in a decoction of licorice (gan cao) and lime until it yellows adequately and becomes horn-like and semi-transparent. The drying action of Fa Ban Xia is more moderate than that of other forms and it is often used to treat Spleen deficiency with dampness, often combined with or manifesting as phlegm and mucus. As processing a herb with licorice makes it less drying, it can be used for treating patterns of both cold from deficiency as well as damp-heat. Pinellia root is often taken in combination with other herbs for different conditions as well, including to treat nausea and vomiting.


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