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Palo Santo (Organic)


Palo Santo

Bursera graveolens

Palo Santo is a tree found in the Western hemisphere, specifically native to Central and South America. The Spanish term “palo santo” translates to “holy stick”. This tree shares the same genus (Burseracae) as the trees we obtain the important essential oils of frankincense and myrrh from, found in the Eastern hemisphere.

Ancient wisdom was able to intuitively identify the emotionally uplifting and mentally clarifying benefits of the antioxidant rich, aromatic resin and oil, within the wood of the tree, and to incorporate its routine use into spiritual rituals. In addition, due to the climate of the region, it was also found to repel mosquitos, adding to physical relief from contact and potentially avoiding illness carried by mosquitos.

In modern times, analysis of the chemical composition of the resin/oil reveals some underlying reasons that support its traditions of beneficial use. These include constituents which fight free radicals, that are known to reduce oxidative stress. Symptoms such as stomach discomfort, mild depression, excessively stressful situations, arthritis and many others, were likely reduced or relieved by the use established in traditions. It also contains detoxifying chemicals, which can fight some types of infection.  Further, its anti-inflammatory constituents are being studied due to evidence of capacity to fight some types of cancer cells.

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