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Notopterygium - Qiang Huo


Notopterygium Root - Qiang Huo

Notopterygium incisum

In Chinese medicine, its nature is considered acrid, bitter, aromatic, and warm, addressing the bladder and kidney channels. Releasing the exterior, based upon diagnosis, it is used as *pain reliever such as for headache, joint pain, painful obstruction in the upper limbs or back.

It was used when early stages of illness were identified in the eyes, ears, nose, throat, upper respiratory and skin, as a preventive, to increase capillary blood flow to warm the areas and resist invasion of cold.

Notopterrrygium promotes elimination through urine and bowel movements. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce accompanying pain.

Recent studies have identified a chemical within this root which inhibits cancer cell growth and assists with ridding the body of cancerous cells before they proliferate.


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