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LipoVision eyedrops


LipoVision eyedrops contain a proprietary blend of coconut, sesame and castor oils. All organic and hexane free.

Drops are indicated for dry eyes, cataracts, allergy eyes, post lasik surgery. It can also be used for pets.

Recommended dosage is 1 drop in each affected eye before bedtime..

Note if the drops cause any eye irritation, you can instead apply them to the eyelids.

Tears have 3 main components in balance to maintain a healthy tear film:

  • Watery (aqueous) component produced by lacrimal glands located behind the outer aspect of the upper eyelids
  • An Oily (Lipid) component produced by the meibomian glands in the eyelids
  • A mucous-like (mucin) component produced by goblet cells in the conjunctiva that covers the white of the eye (sclera

When any of these components are out of balance, dry eye syndrome can occur.

LipoVision drops were made by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, a New Jersey-based Naturopath and Acupuncturist specializing in Chinese Medical Opthalmology.

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