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Vervain leaf (Organic)


Vervain leaf (Organic)

Verbena officinalis

Chinese traditions found vervain helpful for many types of problems. It has been used to circulate qi, relieve pain, stress, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, migraines, indigestion, IBS, asthma, gout, rheumatism. Applied for liver and stomach conditions, uterine complaints, including failure to progress during labor, and difficulty producing breastmilk. It lifts the spirit, promotes clarity of thought, and alleviates depression.

Vervain is used to stimulate immunity, promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation. It is also considered a mild remedy: gentle but highly versatile.

Vervain has been a part of indigenous medicine in other parts of the world as well. New studies  reviewed by National Institutes of Health indicate enthusiasm for new evidence which confirms that vervain and its active ingredients are showing an antiprotozoal effect upon vaginal trichomoniasis which is resistant to the pharmaceutical previously used to control it: metronidazole.

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